Story Fun Time is an exploration in children’s literature, movement, process art, sensory experiences, and open-ended fun! It is designed specifically for young children and their vaccinated caregivers. This 75-minute class is broken up into two parts; Story Time and Fun Time.

Story Time (30 mins): We begin in the shade of the big elm tree where we share stories and songs. We carefully choose books that have vibrant illustrations and developmentally appropriate text. We keep it fun with lots of sing-a-long songs and move our bodies throughout to ward off the wiggles. We end every story time with a movement activity!

Fun Time (45 mins): We then invite everyone to engage in an open-ended art experience, with a focus on paint and clay. These experiences are carefully designed to slowly progress your child to a greater understanding of the properties and potentialities of the medium. Young children initially engage with paint and clay as a sensory experience, and we make space for these experiments, even when they get very messy. Repeated exposures to a medium offer your child an opportunity for deeper engagement and understanding. Parents will learn how to constructively respond to children’s artwork, offer experiences that support free exploration, and gain an understanding of the parent’s role in foundational experiences.

The children are then invited to explore the sandbox, water table and sensory bins in our spacious and shady yard while we get to know our new friends. We often share parenting woes and joys during this time as they come up organically. Meryl is also available to talk with you one-on-one about any parenting questions you might have. We end every Story Fun Time with a bubble dance party and a goodbye circle.

Registration for Winter Quarter is now open!

Winter Quarter

Week of 12/5 – Week of 2/20 (no class 12/19-1/1)

10 weeks, $280

Story Fun Time for children age 1 and 2

Thursday at 9:00 AM (fully booked – waitlist only)

Friday at 9:00 AM (fully booked – waitlist only)

Story Fun Time for children age 1, 2 and 3

Thursday at 10:45 AM

Story Fun Time for children age 2 and 3

Friday at 10:45 AM

Christmas Story Fun Time Pop-up

Wednesday, 12/15, $32

At 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM


More Pop-ups and Spring Quarter Schedule coming soon!

Our classes are all outdoors and go ahead rain or shine.

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If need to cancel a registration, please see our cancelation policy here for full details.

Sick and COVID-19 Exposure Policy

It’s important that we all take precautions so that our children stay safe and healthy. Here are some things to note if you are trying to decide whether to attend class or stay home. If you or your child has; a runny nose, fever within 7 days, vomiting or diarrhea within 48 hours, cough, contagious rash or any other illness, please stay home and rest instead of coming to class. If anyone in your home has been exposed to COVID-19, or is currently sick with COVID-19, please stay home and follow CDC guidelines regarding quarantining. Please notify us if you can’t make it to class as a courtesy.