We are currently filling up our mailing list for Fall 2021! We will be offering a 1/2s and a 2/3s class. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us and we will email you as soon as registration is open (before it is marketed to the public)!

Story Fun Time is an exploration in literature, movement, art and open-ended fun! It is designed specifically for young children and their parents! This 75-minute class is broken up into two parts, Story Time and Fun Time:

Story Time (30 mins): We begin in the shade of my big elm tree where we share stories and songs. We carefully choose books that have vibrant illustrations and developmentally appropriate text. We keep it fun with lots of sing-a-long songs and move our bodies throughout to ward off the wiggles. We end every story time with a dance party!

Fun Time (45 mins): I then invite the children to engage in an open-ended art experience. Each class will focus on developing your child’s artistic and fine motor understanding and ability by offering carefully designed experiences that slowly progress in complexity. Repeated exposures to a material offer your child an opportunity for deeper engagement and understanding. Parents will learn how to constructively respond to children’s artwork, offer experiences that support free expression, and gain an understanding of the parent’s role in foundational experiences.

The children are then invited to enjoy the sandbox, water table and sensory bin in our spacious and shady yard while we get to know our new friends.

Story Fun Time (75 mins) – Fridays at 9:15am and 11am

Location: Our shady and secure backyard in Northern Pasadena. Address will be provided upon registration.

I am currently holding donation-based classes as I develop the curriculum and business. Please register by using the link below.


-We cap our classes at 10 children and we only allow 1 child per parent and 1 parent per child. There are many reason for this, but most importantly, this is so each child has supervision at all times and to keep the class small and cozy.
-We are welcoming parents who are either partially or completely vaccinated at this time. If you haven’t received both shots, or completed your waiting period, please wear a mask at all times. Children over 2 are required to wear a mask at all times. 
-Romp & Rollick is committed to the safety and happiness of our families and therefore we strictly comply with all CDC COVID-19 guidelines.
-Please enjoy your nut-free snacks away from the story time circle.
-Plan to arrive a few minutes ahead of the start of Story Fun Time, as we begin promptly.
-Our classes are donation based which helps us to cover our costs. Donation information will be provided upon registration. Thank you for your support!

Sick Policy and Makeup Classes

It’s important that we all take precautions so that our children stay safe and healthy. Here are some things to note if you are trying to decide whether to attend class or stay home. If you or your child has; a runny nose, fever within 7 days, vomiting or diarrhea within 48 hours, cough, contagious rash or any other illness, please stay home and rest instead of coming to class. Please notify us within 24 hours if you can’t make it to class as a curtesy so that we may offer your class to someone on the waitlist.